Struggling Day and Night.

Day by day we’re struggling.

From the time I began speaking.

Remembering the talks of stressing,

Emptying my piggy bank to provide for the parents.

Never realizing thirty dollars alone,

Would never be enough to pay the bills.

Always worrying about the things children should never have to think about.

Frequently acknowledging what has to be forgotten

Realizing the importance to let go of the things you love for the betterment of others.

Working hard to relieve the anxiety of stress from your crying mother.

Working hard to be acknowledged by your proud father, as he struggles to provide for his family.

Growing to step up to do what’s right even though it may be night.

Day by day alone I went.

Day by day alone I go.

Alone I stand for the others to never be alone.

For one day with my degree I will grow.

Grow to help others fight the fight we never could alone.



This is really good! Totally relatable!


I love this! It sounds exactly like me! Hahaha. 


This poem really tells your life story. I observe your growth as a strong woman, and it is very admirable that you have handled these life experiences with an open mind and a determined demeanor. Keep writing, and great job with the flow of your work!


Such a good honest poem. Something a lot of us think about! keep up your good work. If possible, please show some love on any of my poems. It would be greatly appreciated.

Imani Sophia

I agree with the comments above. And I can totally relate with this kind of struggle. It hurts seeing your mother cry, but there is so little you can do about it to ease her pain. Keep writing more to this story and more poetry.

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