Struggles Within

Life is short,

Worrying, Stressing over things that we have no control is the epitome of insanity. 

Never lose sight of what's important in life,




Can be stolen like a thief in the night 

Cancer. The unwanted guest 

Makes one appreciate each day and the life it gets

Which course in life should one take when one is challenged by life's great ape

Weap for the future that is unknown or Stand up tall and reach for the throne

Defeat us not, Challenged accepted, we are in this fight

I have never been so strong, but yet lost in this world I call home

Pleasing others except my own 

By my own I mean me, myself, and I 

Is life really about a sport scholarship or will I die?

Questions. Questions. Questions 

But is life really that bad?

I am truly blessed for everything I have 

Taking one day at a time is the only thing I can inorder to stay sane 

This year is a physical and emotional drain

As I reminsce, I stop and think,

This is only one chapter of my life

that should not go to waste


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