The struggle (THUG)

When I was 13 

I began to struggle

Dealing with myself 

Was getting me into trouble

No one knew what it was like to be trapped in my mind

Stuck in a girl's body

Stuck in this time

No one understands me

My mama thinks it's wrong

There's no escaping judgement

So I began to write a song

My song was about suicide, death and despair

I never knew that one little song 

Could change everything out there

People think it's easy being me

But really I struggle too

The hate that you give to me

Makes my heart hurt too

Not only is my life going wrong

But my friend has died too

All because of the hate you give 

It's selfish and it's wrong

Move forward with your life 

Get out of that zone

You know how to deal with this

You move on with your life and forget about me

Forget about my friend you killed

Forget about everything

This poem is about: 
Our world


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