The Struggle is Real

Thu, 12/12/2013 - 21:04 -- Hsebol


A daddy wakes up, puts his work boots on

heads out the door before escaping a yawn

his hands are stained black from the grease of the day

breaking his back and again, just to get that pay

the bills keep coming and aren't ever gonna end

wishing for a break, a free dollar to spend

now his daughters looking at college, picked a school on a whim

she's considered a dependent, so it all falls on him

your parent helps you out, is what the schools like to say

your parent makes enough, they have no other bills to pay

his daughter looks to him for her brand new start

He can't afford to help her, it's breaking his heart

The payments too high for her to handle by herself

the price she has to pay, for not growing up in wealth

what kind of place turns down all that one has had dreamt

just to base someone's future off someone else's cent

the school system wants to believe it's the parents expectation

not giving the student independence written in our declaration

make them hold down a job, while trying to study at night

And the parents guilty for not helping, tell me how that is right?

struggling student by night, tired employee by day

the system is corrupt, we got to find a better way.









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