Strong Will of a Student Athlete

I just wanna ball, mother fuck the lace

Any fuckin where, any fuckin place

Any time of day, any type of space

You could name the rules, I just wanna play


You could name the city, you could say the state

Do the shit for fun, Mother fuck the pay


But I gotta wait, low gpa,

NCAA, what I gotta face


What I gotta do is study everyday

If you not school, get up out my way


Hardcore knowledge that is what I crave

Ima go to college and get good grades


Shining not a diamond when I get engraved

Before i die, yes I’m gonna pray


Look into my soul when I’m really dead,

Look at my feet, classical beat



Why you ina rush, like you in a race

Talkin all that stuff, shut yo freakin face

Ima go and get ima wait and pray

Healing my soul, you already know


Nothing but net, like a field goal

You way over there I’m here though


I’m far out like a weirdo

You stay close but not near doe



Ima real swinger, but I don’t golf

Ima old head but a young boss


No facial hair like rick Ross

But close shave my chin gloss

I’m the shit and you piss on

And pissed off

My lyrics got too strong for poo songs 



I gotta get it. Man, its boring

People be sleepin on me they snoring


Ima keep rappin and tellin my stories

I’m from New Orleans my name is foreign 


Mentally my intellectual soaring

I guess if you mad, ima say sorry


Moma told me to be real and keep goin

No more emotions, stop that commotion 


You cannot onus, what it’s my locus

You’s a hocus, tryna poke me


Facing the book, I’m readin I’m focused

Lookin confused like how do he know this


Ima genius who broke as shit


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