You don't know my life Don't know what I been through You can try as hard as you can but you can't walk in my shoes don't know the way that I move I ain't got nothing to prove ain't no use in crying I'm already black and blue I was built for the abuse and I won't lose this game you won't break me down you can try to snatch my crown but I'mma stand up tall ain't no fear in my eyes.
With a heart of a lion all I got to do is grind I'm going to get what's mine ain't no way to block my shine when you start off small and you trying to touch the sky everyone's going to laugh some days you're going to cry and you feel like dying to keep your head up high seems harder than it sounds you got to keep fighting ain't no use in dying but when you see that light it shines so bright realizing you're a giant and the sky you can touch.

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