Strokes in Time


True Life is a comedy. But can it be  a drama, a love story, exploration of meaning? Mix of Values and confusion. Tis' true that life is a blank slate. But could we all be artists? Seeing beyond the white canvas for all that it can be. The fusion of color that is who touches our consciousness. Every stroke bringing a new chapter and new meaning to the canvas in front. Even though the colors may be vibrant...sometimes they fade, though never completely. For every stroke has it's place and therefore shall always be remembered. But, like any great artist the painting never stop flowing. A painting created with mixed feelings gives life to another white canvas needing color. Every stroke intricately made. Given life and given life unto strokes yet to be conjured. Each painting as unique as the pointing before it in it's own way. But the new, much like the old, shall never be forgotten...and never be created in vein....


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