How often do you look at me,

Glance with those wide eyes?

Do you see something?

I like to think you do.

I see something in you.

Or rather 

I can see me and you

In a French cafe drinking tea

Your head thrown back in laguther

My smile never stale

Your slender fingers tracing sweeping cursive poems

I wrote for your heart only.

I can see us  dancing with no music

The moonlight shining in your eyes

Swimming in that blue

There is only me and you

And teh rhythm of your heartbeat is our guide.

In another life, maybe,

We will climb a little mountain

Chasing each other thruogh the trees

Until we find a clearing made of leaves and lavender.

We'll collapse in a heap

Talk until we fall asleep

Your arms holding me and my head near your heart,

And in our dreams, we could swim the sea together.

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