Stripped Down to the Letter

Left out, loved, and back again,

feel as if it’s held within

the soulful corners of my heart,

know exactly how to fall apart.

It’s not as if I never beam,

joyful jumping glass full gleam,

held in between dismally lapsed lines,

crept out often from my wistful mind.

Now’s the time to risk it all,

my aspirations are far and tall

from tip of mountain, end of stream,

know exactly how to dream.

Dare to be different, live to be brave,

not sure how propers behave,

put my recalcitrant foot down

and it crumbles when it hits the ground.

Sensitive as a sapphire rose,

careful not to get too close,

build up walls too high to climb

that keep my heart safely inside.

Every person here can tell

I have never hidden emotion well,

look into my dynamic eyes

and find it’s where my secrets lie.

Yearn to be understood despite woe

read within my lines of prose,

hear me sing and listen deep

every note is a little more of me.

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