Strip Me Down

Strip me down,

Tear off my jeans.

Smear away my makeup,

Wipe my face clean.


Strip me down,

Unfollow my twitter.

Unfilter my instagram,

Can you see me better?


Strip me down,

take it all away.

Look into my eyes.

Now what do you have to say?


The scars on my thighs,

do they come as a surprise?

Can you now see the pain,

burning through my eyes?

Can you hear the screams?

The screams I’ve tried so hard to suppress.

Now you see the true me.

Do you like what you get?


I know I’m not perfect.

I know I’m not great

I’ll never be up to my standards

I’m a broken glass vase

A 1,000 piece piece puzzle

that’s never been completely together

I’m a teenage girl that’s been completely weathered


No one saw it coming;

The secrets bleeding on my hips

Good family with a decent income

Many lies spilled through my lips


I’m skinny for a reason.

Where’s the lunch room again?

But I know where the bathroom is

Nice to see my mascara running again


Walk down the hallway

with a smile etched into my face

I’m another body unnoticed

A student soon to be replaced


But this was junior year

A year of downfalls and self oppression

If only I knew what was coming in the future

My current smiles and happiness obsession


Strip me down now

and what do you see?

Some faded scars, a smile

Bright eyes meant for the world to see


The future gets better

The horizon is bright

But it’s time to put down your blade

And start fighting for your life

Because I promise it’s worth it

And I promise you’ll be fine

But don’t take my word for it

Just give your words some time

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