The strength of a woman

Who will cry for the woman's sufferings? 


Who will cry for the woman's painful past?


Who will cry for the woman's breakups and scornful abuse?


Let me cry for all the woman who have experienced these emotions, because I have experienced these emotions head on. Misguiding and misunderstanding has led me to sadness and depression. Moving from one relationship to the next has not only confused me, but has led me to self conciousness that burned through my soul with the disgusting taste of insecurity and needing and wanting to be loved. Pain, lies, betrayal and harrassment has forced me to ask the question, did I do something wrong? I am not worthy enough to be loved or to feel the joy and happiness that a relationship has to offer?


So again I ask myself the question...


Who will cry for the woman's sufferings? 


Let me cry for the woman's sufferings because I lived, breathed and pulled myself out of it; more so I dragged myself out of it while feeling like the whole world was on top of me. Experiences left me feeling bitter, alone and afraid. Afraid of what my past will leave me feeling like. I could either become uplifted or continue to be weighed down by evilness and deciet that once took place in my once perfect life.


So let me ask this question- Will we cry for the woman's sufferings or will we choose to celebrate a woman's strength. Yes, the same strength that allows us to hold our heads up tall and walk independently will be the same strengh that we use to celebrate our strength. Only realizing that we only need ourselves and God to survive and feel completed and walk bodly to our future. Allowing people into our lives to compliment our lives and not complete our already completed lives. 


Let no one to cry for a woman's sufferings for too long because we are only impeeding our future. We are only sabotaging our given potential to hold the world in our hands and run to any direction we ever so choose. There are no room for tears! Let us celebrate the undying, everlating, graceful, classy, significant, independent, joyous, admirable and trailblazing thing that we as a society can't live without; and that is...


The strength of a WOMAN!

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