Sun, 01/12/2014 - 16:57 -- spasco


He is granted the Moses opening

The water from her eyes drown the aftermath

Penury has foisted her innocence

Extenuating the bedlam accrues everyday

The sight of flesh is beginning to sear

Amenable redolence has become foreign

Specious affection is now prosaic

The white is his only consciousness.

The red of the rest she must feel.

Ostentatious clangor

Zip. Sizzle. Sigh.

The story of her life that someone has contrived

Carnage and contempt and covert

Love lasts no longer.

Hunger has been inscribed

It is an aching hunger.

A bitter hunger. A savage hunger.

Dignity. Protection. Love.

Gravity, formality, humanity deprived.

Hunger carries her to her bed

She lets go of her tongue and consumes blood

The taste of life is awakening.

Awakening, she is provoked.

She finds herself in the midst of the black, just as the blackness of the midst finds she.

The palm trees sway in her misery.

The ocean subdues her ache.

She shall encounter her demise, or lose her opprobrium

Her eyes will lie until she sees truth

The truth of herself that she is seeking to find.

Lost among the pain. Lost among the shame. Lost among the pretense.


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