As I lay pen to paper 
It’s your image that appears 
Although my ring marks me as a traitor 
I know my vision to be clear 
The paths that we have chosen 
Don’t have to lead only one way 
The future hasn’t been woven 
And free will allows us to stray 
I’ve told you if my heart could speak 
Your name would be all that it could pronounce 
To me you’re perfect; beautiful, intelligent, caring and unique 
All traits you attempt to denounce 
But your modesty suits your personality 
And draws me to you with a greater tenacity 
If only I were given the opportunity 
To fully show my sincerity 
I truly believe 
It would provide your heart with the necessary clarity 
To return you to me 
Alas, the world revolves on reason 
Whereas I do with emotion 
And why should everyone have a happy ending?


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