Strap Up and Keep Fighting

Silver Armor, polished and shiny,

Is now dented and caked with blood.

Though the war against darkness is frightening,

The fight will end in good.


Like a soldier getting ready for war,

I place God's righteousness as armor

Against my chest to fight off all sinful temptations

And other evil test.


I place on my shoes of peace

That comes from the Good News He brings

To carry His word from street to street

Making sure every lost soul gets saved and walks on holy.


The enemy is always shooting arrows.

Thank God I have a shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, and the belt of truth,

So that no matter how rough the battle gets

I'm always screaming out, "Lord, I trust You!"


Of course I can't fight this battle alone.

My General commands me to use the weapon of prayer in the Spirit

And the Sword of the Spirit because no one can conqueror

And comfort like the Holy Spirit can in this war.


I am only one of the soldiers in an army under His hands.

We all fight for good in these sinful, waste barren lands.

Though the enemy comes in different forms trying to gun us down

We will stand up and won't surrender---not ever and definitely not now.


We will wake and land knees first to the ground to pray

That Our Father will give us strength throughout our day.

Though we get pounded over and over by the devil's rod,

We will fight on in faith, hope, and love for we are soldiers of God.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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