Sun, 06/30/2013 - 13:33 -- Flowgio



Where were you when I took my first step
Where were you when I said my first word,it was mommy instead
Where were you to show me how to shave my face
Where were you to play baseball with,I never made it to first base
Where were you to teach me how to defend myself
The beatings I took, I was only twelve
Where were you when I drank my first Corona
Where were you when I walked across that stage to get my diploma
Where were you to see me accomplish my dreams
Where was I when your sickness took away your life and didn't let you breathe
Where is the time that ripped us apart

These thoughts up and down like a chart

Where did life at one point turn against us both

Questions of what could of been has taken it's toll

because at the end of te day I will never know


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