A Strange Reality


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 A Strange Reality



I know nothing of love

They say it is divine,

"You'll know it just when you fall in".

They know nothing at all.


I think it's so rare.

They believe in it but do doubt,

Do deny and say "you can't love",

Cause i don't fit in here.


I know a few like me

Saving me from uncertainty;

Someone makes me feel good,

I doubt it's love;but i don't know.


Dreams have always been crazy;

Never did i feel that way,

Until someone called me fag.

Why should they care?


My heart have strange fears,

That someday they'ill know;

I won't be alive then,

They'ill send me to hell.


I tell myself , not to care,

They fear my life will be a paragon

For all my beloved friends.

They don't know what love is;never will they.

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Our world


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