A Strange Creatures Struggle


The earth walkers appeared as ants, from up in the sky fluff

Cool mist steams off the red fire breather, as he’s hit by sky sweat

As his large wings slice through white tufts,

Suddenly without much warning

An earth walkers flight spear ripped through his lovely leathers

Roughly he is pulled to the earth of much teather

The two legged creatures all frail as a feather

He could but destroy with little endeavour

However, he was but a gentle creature 

Who hated the violent ways of this green-blue globe 

His solemn oath, against all ways of death and false hope

But these blind beings only see my flashing finger knives

And fear the day my hot breath arrives,

This fear of theirs was one drawn from a well of mis-guide

But do I die? To save such torrent souls from the pits of despair

 Oh I shall 

Thus they remove my red protections

One by one piece by piece, until is shown my under garment

And at last remove my struggle with a blade



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