Story Time Realization

Damp, Cold, Fluorescent lights fill the room;

Rows of chairs lined up column after column;

The musky aroma fills the lungs with every anxious breath. 


Bodies I have never seen before lingering into the room;

Sweaty palm fill the chairs lined up column after column;

Hearts beating faster and faster with every anxious breath. 


The sound of snaps fill the room; 

One by one the artists stroll up, column after column;

Shaking voices speak word after word with every anxious breath. 


A story of love, a tale of adventure, the tragedy of a lost one;

Passion, Feelings, Emotions, all scribed onto a sheet of college-ruled paper;

Honest remarks, snaps of support, nods of understanding. 


Understanding that we all have been through many situations;

Understanding that we all come from different backgrounds;

Understanding that everyone has a story.


A story that must be shared;

A story that must be heard;

A story that has shaped us into who we are today. 



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