Story of Self-Awareness.

Listen little children to this story there aren't many rules to life but there's a couple you must carry. But before I begin hold dear to your heart for the very ones around you might stop your beat but just know your story will be complete. Strive to understand your life and meaning; and register yourself with peace, life is unfair I'll tell you now but the best part of it all is that smiling and laughing comes cheap so when your stuck sit and ponder on what makes your most embarrassing laugh come to existence and relax for your story must be complete. People are mean but people are nice it will be so confusing just know that everyone can be killed or resurrected with kindness. Kindness is your power not everyone will deserve it but your future depends on it. Now your skin may be light it may be dark but never apologize for it... You did not choose it and you will not die from it... You are beautiful and amazing no matter the shade or complexion, you are beautiful and amazing because you are humanly imperfect. Imperfections are unattractive to society but golden to the wise mans eye. Do me a favor and just live... You will hurt me by worrying... I beg don't do that my child. Careers and futures are important but just know your being and soul that will hold you and guide you to the success. This may not make sense and I know that, but just turn up the music and groove and everything will be understood for the moment. But if you want comprehension for life just open your ears and listen and be guided by the vibrations of your being. To know yourself is more than owning masses of gold. My prayer every night is that when I wake I'm aware of myself and my love is pure for my heart and my mind is all attached.

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