The story in my veins

Inside me is a story of struggles and pains 

Its wandered too far and deep in my veins

The story in my veins is behind my blood and skin

It travels throughout my body telling dark tales of sin 

It smirks when I cry and laughs when I try to say why 

But in each tear that escapes a little bit of hope is inside 

Hoping that one day my happiness won't hide 

Behind my overgrown ego and independant woman pride

They too travel and search far and wide 

Looking for something more powerful they slip and slide

One day a tear escaped and rushed down my face 

Hoping the wind wouldn't beat his race 

And then heard the story of another being told 

Soon happiness was found and began to unfold 

Before I knew it I began to bleed 

The blood I bled had been like a familiar rain 

That some how had been know to live somewhere deep in my brain

And out came the story of my struggles and pain 

My story was what I bled and had stained my notebook in a horrifying red

People were astonished

Happy yet sad by the works of my pen

All I could feel was happiness and zen 

Till this day I tell of my stories to reach out to those who were like me

And relieve them from all of their worries 

With time I've seen their traveling tears

With each that escaped removed one by one each of their fears

Poetry has saved my soul through the words that I hear

And poetry mends my scars even after all these years

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