Story of a girl.


Little girl, Little girl.

Pretty pink and disney dreams.

What are ya goin to be?

A princess?

Do you have what it takes?

How long can you hold that book on your head for?

When it comes crashing down are you gonna cry?


Wipe your eyes, little girl.

Move on.

Go in your corner and play with your barbie dolls.

Pretty in pink. Hair Blonde, Slender curves  and supple thighs.

Why don’t you look like that, little girl, little pretty girl.

Doesn’t mommy tell you you’re pretty?

Why doesn’t teacher or students call you pretty girl?


Look at the mirror, little girl.
See that face, deal with it.

See the waistline don’t tie a rope around it, little girl.

You have to deal with it.


Tears aren’t gonna help you with the people.

Yes more people.

Go into corner, little girl.


Tell me a story, tell me why we haven’t seen that smile.

See the tooth, it’s snagle.

Deal with it.


Never gonna look like the barbies you play with.

Never gonna be the superhero teenager like sister, Kim Possible.

Can’t be like real sissy and bro.

Solom pillow, moist from the tears.

Why aren’t you fitting in, little girl?



Grow stronger.

Wipe your tears.
Stand up.

Sit down.

Speak up.

Shut up.

Why don’t they want you?

Unclean, Dirty, unnatural.




Little girl, I thought you were normal.

Why don’t you get along, little girl.

Go back to your corner.

Shut up.

Take it, swallow and breath.



Little girl, why do you fall?

Litlle girl, sweet innocent fragile little girl.

Why do I waste my time with you?

Why do you keep failing?

Why aren’t  like everyone else?

Why are you weird?

Why, little girl?


Does anyone hear your cries?

Darkness, tripping over tree branches.

Let it flow.

Let it go.

Don’t care.


Hold on.






Breathing and fighting.

What happened to you?






Do you feel that?


It’s beating.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Deep breathing.

You can do this.

Step forward.


It shatters around you, it falls behind you.

Can you see the clouds little girl?

Still wanna be a princess?


Take it in. The Light of a new day.

Brightness and smiling with bad teeth.

Hair blowing in the face as laughter sounds from her long silented vocal chords.

Are you happy, Little girl?



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