The Story of A Gentlemen's Feelings:  YOU READ THE TRUTH TODAY (part 2)



The Story of A Gentlemen's Feelings: 
By Na'shon Kemp
Yet the One that truly loves you for you
you call him just a friend 
Tell me when will the madness end 
 You still buy his act don't you 
I speak my mind but this happens every time 
It goes over your head i truly love you.
Walls you built up so thick can't get through
But these words i still say until the day i get to hug you.
But u still walk away 
So like our hearts i pass away 
to give birth to a winter wonderland, 
a cold desolate place 
Such warm fragrant decay
Hopefully one day you'll count me amongst 
the many gentleman you let get away
For you walk through life blindly and your attracted to chaos 
So you let your misjudgment of a man
Sorry boy get in your way
Just know up even until this day you've been dating boys not men
Just know that real men, play no games 
And that the love I have for you will never change 
But I'm no second choice to your 
Tenth I'm a first draft pick 
If you see me better get me 
I'll make your life fun,enjoyable,hands free,
and I never give up never quit
So upon my lines upon these bars I craft 
The Story of A Gentlemen's Feelings
And in them my heart does lay 
So upon your forever shining smile 
And your radiant lips as you read this just know 


And upon the lips of your mind the truth does lay today


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