The story of a bully

She sits at home
The four year old girl
Crying, hiding
From he she once loved.

He once had warm eyes, 
A big smile,
Everytime he would see her.
But now everything changed.

She screams, as she sees' her mother get thrown down the stiars,
A loud "CRACK" was heard, 
Followed by a sound of audible pain, 
And the poor four year old ran away.

She sits on the curb, 
The eight year old girl,
Wondering, why, 
Did Mommy come home late?
With another man, every night?

Wondering, why, 
Mommy yelled at her,
When she asked for food?

At school, she finds another eight year old girl,
Going thorugh the same pain as her,
And she doesn't welcome the girl, 
Into her expirianced mind,

Instead, shuts her out. 
Hurts her, mentally,
And physically.

She sits with a boy, 
The thirteen year old girl,
Kissing him, 
To make her feel okay,
About herself.

He reaches down,
For something other than her arm, 
And she slaps him away.

They break apart, she yelling,
He telling everyone,
That he knows.

The girl walks away,
And bumps into,
The other thirteen year old girl,

The other girl, 
Trembles in fear,
As she gets pushed down to the floor.
As the thirteen year old,
That was once the frightened four year old,
Hurts her, 

Until she heard a loud "CRACK", 
Followed by an audible sound of pain. 




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