The Story Of

Know a story of a kid who was created out the struggle

she was raised up out the trenches, had beginnings that weren't humble

never even knew her father, had a mother who was barely there

cause she was chasing men, and chasing love that wasn't really there

So I think it's safe to say this kid was raised up by her grandme

with a different type of love and different generation standards

she taught this kid the Bible, taught her to-pray for survival

Told her God would never leave her just call him and he would be there

she practiced calling God when her mother wasn't at home

Just to have someone to talk to cause momma was always gone

So then she started rapping cause music was so contagious

She used to tell her mother who said girl you'll never make it

But her gramndma told her different, she said girl you are the greatest

don't ever listen to haters, babygirl you're gonna make it

And this girl too everything that she learned in the hood

then applied it to her life and I think that she turned out good

And I think she turned put better than the people she grew up with

Raising standards in the hood and turning nothing into something

Safe to say this child's flawless

No other words you could call it

She payed no nevermind to haters

cause that's just what her grandma taught her

This poem is about: 
My family


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