Stop Trying 2 Holla

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 22:49 -- Rionnab


Can any one please explain to me this crazy way dudes try to get a girl. 

Like why are you screaming Aye... Aye... Really? Um, did you forget what comes next? Do you need me to recite the alphabet for you. Or what about when they call women "ma" or "mommy." Boy, I am not your mama. Or "Hey Shawty." Can you tell me what that even means. Have you never seen a pretty girl before. Or does she just make you nervous? And when they get mad when a girl tells them NO, why do they have to call them a B****, a H** or a SL**. 

Here's a tip guys. If you go up to a girl with a "Hi" or "How are you?" Maybe you would have a chance. 

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i like this poem alot its very straight forward n states facts!

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