A Stop in Time



Time is a loop

Time is a life

Time is a calendar

Time is a new beginning and and ending ,

The world

Is also revolving around time

Everything is time, but what would happen to the world without time what would happen if every thing in the universe had no limitation had no stop no end

What would it be like if the planets where unending vast land with no beginning or end, just land

What about a human?

Never getting old always young enjoying life. War was just a way people got rid of anger, dispute, rivalry, stress. They would us pain palls, bb guns, or nerf guns a weapon that didn't need the use of pullets for the the person to resolve an argument. Everyone living no one dying no one having the pain of losing the one they love

Humanity always progressing, adding, reproducing, living, enjoying life, loving, dreaming, believing

What would happen if there was

A stop in time



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