Stop Tattoo (DIS-CRIM-IN-A-SHUN)

We already have a bad rep
It's been going on since the beginning of time
But I will not take this no longer
Because now it's time to stop

(DIS)regarding my good character just because of my sleeve
I love Jesus! I have morals! I have the right to believe!
When judgement day comes, unecessary assumptions will leave

So I'm a (CRIM)inal just because I'm blasted from the neck down?
That's why I was the same police officer that saved you from getting robbed
Your prejudice assumption just made me frown

My external apperance doesn't change me from with(IN)
I'm sure the mother with butterflies on her wrists enjoys the reproduction of her kin while he or she is kicking the side to stretch the cherry blossoms on her......ribs.

(A) lot think we'll regret our modifications as we age
Many tattoos can have many meanings so such a statement is vague

So (SHUN) away the stereotypes
Research before you assume
Why don't you just ask what it means?
Watch the bud of knowledge blossom, grow and bloom



I like this poem. It flows really well. I can picture myself listening to you reiterate it at a poetry night or something. I also like how it rhymes in some places. And this is very true what you are saying; there are so many people out there that get discriminated against because they have tattoos but it really shows nothing about a person's character just by having tattoos. Really great work. And I also like how you put the "dis-crim-in-a-shun" in there. It's really cool. :)


I really appreciate your feedback! :D


The flower imagery towards the end of the poem ties it together rather neatly, as its first iteration--that of an unborn child kicking against its mother ribs, literally stretching out her blossom tattoos--is echoed in the last line of blossoming, blooming, growing knowledge. I also particularly enjoyed the mention of Judgement Day in the second stanza. While you very clearly make your point that true judgement of one's choices may occur after death, you also make an indirect comment on the lasting permanence of a tattoo--unless it is surgically removed or covered up, it is literally with its owner till death, or Judgement Day. A very strongly written poem dealing with some very strong concepts.


Thanks for your own TPCASTT lol :)

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