Stolen Kisses

Tue, 08/05/2014 - 22:22 -- lizzylk

Of all those stolen kisses we had

the last was the best

we only started as friends


we started as enemies

we hated eachother

we couldnt be more different

we were so wrong

for eachother

for our destiny

for our reality


we were in love

it was the first day

of our new found relationship

it was a wonder

we didnt get together before

but we didnt

but now we r




we loved eachother

and i finally asked her out

she was the prettiest at our school

everyone wanted her

including me

and i finally got her

but not for long


we skipped last period to hang out

she said she was happy

and i believed her

i could see it in her pretty green eyes

she was finally in love

for real

for the first time

she couldnt be happier


her dad picked her up

and brought her home

she walked her dogs

the norm

until a group of guys wanted to walk

with her

she refused

they insisted

so they walked

the rest was uncertain

i was too upset

to listen

i was told she was dead

they had taken her

and raped her

and killed her


now i was alone

and suicidal

my love

the one i loved for so long

and so passionately

had been murdered

and i would always miss

those stolen kisses




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