The Stolen Child

Oh my lovely litle child.

Where hast thou been taken love?

To a land more fair and wild,

Hidden in a glen or grove


Will I see thee ne’er again

Tell me that it is not so

Now my heart shall never mend

Sorrow now shall never go.


Nymphs among the shaded trees

Tell me where my babe is gone

Whisper to me on the breeze,

See I have been weeping long.


Goblins hid in chasms deep

I come to thee, without fear

This one secret do not keep:

Where my child’s hidden here.


Oh you bright and airy sprites

Who the roundel dance perform

Summer morns and autumn nights

Do not leave me here forlorn


Many tens of weary days

Die while I do seek for thee

Friends and kin in cool earth lay

None now living know of me.


Child of mine, my hope has died

I have searched in hill and dell

Long my bitter tears have cried

Now I wish to die as well.


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