still lighthouse

The shear overdriving of coldness waves upon the surface if my skin
I walk with the memory of the distinct locations I've been
The sudden ravishing of her eyes appear once more
Not so long have she come up to distinguish the sparkled grey shore

This specific evening where the wind ever felt so chilling
As she appears right across
Long long days of yesterday behind my mind to create such a year in one day
Long away of no sense as I await to remember where I once stood in the bay
Waiting but no answer or recall of the long lost days of our youth

The sun appears so vengeful but yet I still feel the sheer bitterness of the wind spattering at me
Still I await for the dryness of my eyes in hopes to be set free
Is she lost in finding thou or a new passage come between to let the sight fade

When darkness falls, the light house strong as ever to where the stars see it so vibrantly bold

I return to walk and maybe someday I'll feel the rage of the sun storming me
As she is still in my splattered in my head to walk along and be
Not today or ever returning what I used to see
Yesterday something happened and yet tomorrow something is about to be


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