Still an Ember Within



Shy and introverted, scared and intimidated, 

Too scared to socialize with the rest of the world. 

Is this how my life is to be fated;

My soul left in a corner all curled?


Independent and hard-working,  imaginative and ambitious;

This is the girl hiding from the masses.

She possesses a heart that is selfless

And emotions that she leaves not expressless


For she loves to channel these sensations into passions:

A passion for writing,  a love for drawing;

Dance to her is a world that she considers a haven

And one must not forget exploration in the spring.


But most of all she wants to help those around her.

She's filled with limitless ideas for saving the universe

With the Sagittarian spirit of the archer.

But instead she must live out her life with a curse.


Inside the body of an adult is achild dying to run free

With boundless energy and youth to go out and explore.

Wasn't this soul at one time filled with such glee?

Not since this soul has been chilled to the core.


Wasn't I once the princess of my own story?

Have I ever really been the heroine of my own destiny? 

But I see that it was far from my reach to grab glory

And I've only had the choice of a grey life of simplicity. 


My childish soul has to seek refuge behind a mask

Because of all the times my idealistic soul has been told to grow up.

For me this will forever be a task

Especially since it's evident that I'm no longer a pup.


I will turn 19 years old next month, and yet I don't think like adults. 

Because I'm so young, I'm told I know nothing about life.

Although this reality is truth, it's all hurtful insults

And all my heart can do is fight off the pain of this strife.


And I'm told how foolish I am to choose a school counselor career

Knowing I would never be happy as a doctor. 

This is the plan which we dreamed of each year

Or more like the plan you would hate if I alter.


Can I be free to make my own life choices?

Can I take back my free will to rewrjte my own fate?

But "Oh no, no, no," say the voices,

Because for me they have written my slate.


Society has written it that I must be a proper young lady:

I must be smart but more importantly something beautiful to look at,

And whatever society says I must agree.

If I choose disobedience to my image, then I'm justa brat.


I'm scared to color outside the lines and just be unique. 

What if they all laugh and just deem me a naive fool?

Whatever path I choose, I see that my future is bleak

Because the people all around are just so cruel. 


Can't a girl live in reality and still dream?

Can she be her own character and the heroine of her own story?

I can feel the ember within my heart, I feel it gleam.

The fire isn't dead,  so it I must stop ignoring.


Can I write without being told my idealism is silly?

Though my fantasies reside in another realm

They are ready to bloom like that of a spring lily.

Keeping them locked away much longer will just over-whelm.


Can I create works of art without being told how

I will never be as great as the artists like Michaelangelo? 

Well let me me tell you world, this is what I vow:

I will create musings with the beauty of a piccolo. 


Can I still love dance even though I have the body of a plump pear?

I thought the key was the love of the sport opposed to technique. 

When I dance, within I sense a flare

And all can see that my soul is no longer oblique.


Can I have the adventurous soul that I have always possessed?

It's my greatest desire to experience everything life has to offer.

I'm tired of hiding away and always feeling depressed. 

I want to finally take charge of my own destiny to alter.


It's my life to live and my life alone.

People should be capable of accepting the heated spirit within.

No more confinements, no more chains.

Just let me be free to be who I am

And to be the writer of my own story, my own destiny. 

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wow long poem but your poem sounds realistic of feelings thoughts and ideas

awesome poem  


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