A Still Body. A Broken Promise.

There are days when I despise the thought of you

and wish you had never entered my life.

Today is one of those days.

I often wonder if it’s all lies,

You, me, us, the world.                    


I never thought I’d say these words-

You’re gone and I’m still here.

The memories linger,

 and so does the scent of your father’s cheap cologne.

I never was fond of the striped shirt you’re wearing,

the harsh sound it made when your arms swung in step at the sides of your frail frame.

It doesn’t matter now.

The sound will not once more be made.


I can’t help but wonder why you did this-

or if I played  a part.

All I know is that you’re lying there-

 and I’m standing here alone.


A single trail, left by a tear is cemented on your face;

your hand is clenched around a letter that I can’t bring myself to budge.

Your father's footsteps are getting louder-

it's time for me to go.

I hope that you are happy now,

I just wish you knew you were not alone.


p.s. you broke our promise


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