Las Vegas
United States

When you walked away and left me here, did you know that I still loved you?

When you discarded me for another did you fear your heart  would be as empty as mine?

When you chose him over me, my dear, did you sigh the fresh air of relief?

You said he had always been worth it, but I wonder...


When he changed into someone else, did that make you blue?

When he used you then placed you on the shelf, did it appear to be a sign?

When he finished with you, as drained like an elf, did you cry out with terrible grief?

Oh how I wished I could, yet did not tell you of your blunder


When I was broken and my heart torn, you knew it was a result of your adieu

When I felt as if all my emotions were worn, it was as if I was the sun, without the shine

When I found love and new joy was born, you knew my happiness would be brief

And now we are both alone, all hope torn asunder

Yet I cannot deny

these feelings inside,

love you I still do.


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