Steps Through The Park


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38° 50' 14.0424" N, 77° 0' 58.1184" W

Live in the gleam of the sunlight. Be one with the ground but higher than the sky. Smile like tomorrow will be promised but live like today is the last day, let no one take it away. Keep it moving through the trails like looking back is a sin. We sometimes get on the the slide and back slide but act like we don't know how or when. Make sure your smile can brighten a room, like the sunrise over the hill tops flowering bloom. Keep pushing someday things will be clearer than today. Don't worry about what the next person has to say. Your mind will stop spinning like that marigold-round, 'peace sign', and everything will become one like "one band one sound", "drumline". Your issues will finally balance out like two people on a sea saw, and your ups and downs on the hill will become in sink like a sharks jaw. Keep your head up higher than your problems and everything will be hop scotch solved.

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Beautiful I really love your positive outlook on life

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