Step by Step

Wed, 09/17/2014 - 19:05 -- DaSm11

How do you cope? How do you live?

Life, why did I want to grow up?

People around me, harrassing me about "how things are going"

Nothing is what it seems." Kids are amazing and I couldn't be doing better"

I wish my friends and I could hangout, I wish I wasn't alone.

Social events where everyone looks happy,

yet I'm suffering in my own misery. These aren't the people I want to see. I would never hangout with them, except for my kids sake, I will.

Doctors telling me that I need mental help. My emotions are too much for me and that there are ways they can help, but they make it worse.

No one understands, I feel weak.

No one around me sees it though. I smile, as if nothing is wrong.

I tell myself to stay strong, taking everything step by step.

My kids need me. Thats enough to get me through another day.

Every morning waking up, hoping, wishing, something will change.

Struggling to fall asleep or to hold back the tears.

How does it get better?

Another day, another fake smile, looking for every possible way to feel peaceful again.




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