Steel Bars

I hope you look through these steel bars 

realizing your mistakes are

part of who you have become so far.

As a menace to society how well you have played your part

your art as a killer bodies of men picked up by carts. 

Hearts of their mothers broken and lost

This is what the worth of a life must cost.

You are part of the lost generation, seeking decimation of self

not realizing your potential and wealth.

But to yourself you use this excuse to cope

with your sins, to hold on to a little hope

but i hope you hold onto that bar of soap

drop it and you will get what is deserve the most.

Living life was a luxury that was afforded to you, injustice served

death is the final destination of all, but you shuld have journeyed there first. 

You are a burden to mankind and even mankind is a curse

living your life ungraciously since birth.


But for what its worth we are both the same. 

no man is flawless, for sins comitted we all share the same shame

As i look you in the eyes it becomes painfully strange

That we both share the same experiences and even the same name.

My eyes growing heavy i once again look into the mirror

see the face of a murderer and a killer, my sins couldnt be any clearer

I feel regret, I feel remorse  for the transgressions i have comitted

I am paying my debts to society, and I hope to God that one day Im forgiven

I have to learn to love the reflection in the mirror no matter how broken and cracked

Every Morning I wake up for roll call, I have to make this pact.

But day by day, liittle by little I learn to accept my fate

realizing freedom is not an option I will never walk out of these prison gates.

I am just one type of prisoner, mankind is imprisoned on its own

Time is the jail cell, death is the place we will all call home,






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Our world
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To be continued

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