Stay Strong, Fight On

Mon, 04/08/2013 - 21:31 -- taz0310


United States
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As I look into your eyes I can see the pain
The smile on your face doesn't mean a thing
I can see the broken promises put you over the edge
Pushed you right to the pills and the deadly sharp edge

I look at your wrists and see scars on scars
With every breath you take I can see your broken heart
Society has you twisted and bent over backwards
Doing whatever you can to be beautiful by societies standards

Starving yourself for days on end
Then putting a knife to your wrist
When it says you'll never be thin

I may not be a doctor by I know a thing or two
I've been in your shoes a time or two
I know how it feels to be lost and abandon
Feeling like you're lost on your own
And no help has been handed

So you go home and put a knife to your wrist
Pop a few pills and contemplate ending it
Cause your dads long gone and your moms lost in a bottle
Your friends have left you on your own
So you feel like a bother
So you let out a holler but its no bother
Your voice is lost in the crowd...

The crowd gets louder as you disappear
Trapped inside your mind
But you see the end is near
The lights coming close, but you see a hand
It's mine, take it, you deserve another chance

I wont let you give up,not here not now
You have at least 60 years plus
And I won't give up till those days are done plus one


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