Static (All Around Me)


United States
40° 48' 51.7284" N, 73° 44' 30.8472" W

submerged deep within my thoughts
lay a community of lies
gathering and organizing
to keep me from my prize

Static is all around me
nothing seems to make it through
and thoughts cloud my mind
but there is nothing
that I can do

when the picture isn't clear
not quite sure
what to hold dear
the connection tries
but slowly dies
and static overcomes

full of systematic, automatic, problematic, fear
I take a look, at what I've got, and try to be sincere
It's not ordinary, corollary, or normally the case
but when it deals with this and not with that I've got to quit the race

Cause when the image isn't right
you might just give into the fight
but stop to think
swim, don't sink
and try to save yourself

static is all around me
has coalesced for long enough
there's much to find
unorganized crime to snuff out
listen to yourself
don't pick up other people's waves
cause when it boils down to the core
you've got to be a brave

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