A State of Mind


Dr. King, Malcolm X and Medgar Evers all died

Giving 70’s generation opportunities their parents were denied.

The Black Panthers were formed for “self-defense”.

Good intentions were lost by their criminal offense.

A black power organization for civil rights.

Once a powerful force, violence ended their plights.

In ’72 the first interracial male kiss on TV raised a stir.

There have been many more since, that’s for sure.

Today we have our first black President after more than 200 years.

At one time that was as likely as seeing flying reindeers.

When I consider a friend I don’t see race.

I am looking for personality when I view your face.

Racial divide still exist for some.

How you are raised determines who you become.

Stereotyping, profiling, discrimination with race is everywhere you go.

I think change relies on the individual-not the group, in order to grow.

In years to come, there will be more like me

Who will judge by character, not the color they see.

The color of our skin is not how we’re defined.

Color, you see, is just a state of mind.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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