Startings to beginnings

I was just another kid,

bright eyed, the world was mine,

till I found out, it was all a lie,

not one person gives hand outs,

no ones your friends,

you work so hard,

but you still pretend

its going your way,

its just me, its not you,

no one's to blame,

for the world that we live in, all of the shame,

the violence, the hate, the seperation, our fate,

until we band together, just a primitive people

we are, but thats just a thought

a thought I would say, not many people remember,

choose to forget, as they all slumber,

but not me. Not I. Not once should I shed. The idea that life, isn't better than death.

Because so many perish, so many fail,

the worlds not fair, so why even try,

but try. Try, try I will say,

in numbers we're strong, while voices are weak,

until we're in arms, as sheep we will sleep.




This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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