Starting Out All Over Again

Wild & Crazy, Names given to me,

Growing up this, 

Apple scrumping and fighting,

No support in the family.


Divord parents immediately,

First in the playground, totally,

Dad isn't around to support, 

Poorly mummy.


Lost & Hurting, inside this way,

No-one to talk too, 

Block out problems,

Keep them at bay.


Story of hurt, Plenty I can say,

Moving forward,


They are old and grey.


Loads of ideas in my head, Logically, 

A bit unstructured, 

Outcomes weren't always guaranteed



Licked my wounds for all to see,

Got to start over,

If I want success,

For me. 


Retraining my thoughts, with some difficulty,

Need more structure,

Get a good mentor,

To show how its done properly.


Slow down to speed up,  correctly,

Start a new journey,

Learning new skills, 

In this old game called property. 


In my 40's, on the right path to be,

Eating humble pie,

Determined to make it,

I'll show thee. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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