Starting to Finish


Loving an amount of time,
cherishing an admiration
of my youth.
Forgetting what brought me to this point,
yet reminding myself of what it’s
Amazing what time and clandestine thought can do to a man.
As if I have any recollective memory,
my very mind still taunts me.
It leads me into a mystical trance, 
forgetting any common sense,
and failing to feel…
I don’t expect many to understand,
or even care at all,
but that isn’t something I write for,
I’ve managed to retain some sensibility,
and write as a food for thought,
rather than waste a blessing I never bought.
However it’s getting late on this side of the world,
many are being tucked in,
or yelled at for nothing,
I’m here and that’s where I’m most comfortable


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