The start

Recollection of a pink tea pot, bulb getting cleaned, bulb getting hot.

dim the brightness, produce the lifeless.

Not cooking in the kitchen, grab the soda to meet the easy bake quota.

Chef boyardee, sheriffs show ID, surrounding the house, playing hide and seek.

Paranoia sets in, check the windows don't miss one. See a reflection and hit em, broken glass in the kitchen.

Pick it up to melt it down, 10 & 2 on the wheel, make sure those tires don't burn and squeal, producing intrepid zeal.

Brought back to reality, CPR savior of mentality.

Wince at raindrops on the blacktop, the puddles make my heart stop and stomach drop.

I got the sign to stop, but three seconds can be hard to cop.

Can't make the clock stop, but in T time hours and seconds swap

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