Why is this so hard?

I look to you as a god, a lord

sittin' on his thrown

as if I had known, that

what I see is merely a stone

carved from the flesh and bone

of a Human.


As I'm sittin' here starin'

with adoration stuck in the position

of loving that which is consumed with confusion

I remind myself that you are Human


The fusion of two souls

does not constitute a rise in position so,

when we look to the television,

see the prositution, an excecution

of our position?

Glamerous molestation, intoxication, and exploitations

of Synthetic "Gods"?

Those are Humans.


We are Human.

The ideal we entrust, filled with lust

of what we believe

we must acheive

feeling we won't refuses to leave

until we can see

the organic material hidden under the scene

of glory and riches.


He craves for bitches

and itches for inches

hoping he reaches

the top of the economic food chain.


But he is merely a grain

in this bag of wheat, we

all try to reach the top

"Won't let anything stop me!"


Alas, once we accept our cast

and understand the benefits of bein last

we can then appreciate the contrast

between reality and fiction.

In the end,


We are only Human.


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So true!!!! Great poem with good expression

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