i should probably 

thank you. 

when you left, 

i had found myself.

in pieces. 

when you had 

gone, not just with the

flat screens & fine 

china, but with the 

chips of my soul. 

you escaped with the 

left side of my 

throbbing heart. the 

piece that i had saved

for someone like you. 

do you still have it? does

it sit on your bedside table

to keep you warm during

those midnight thunder

storms? or was it not worth

that much? well, it’s okay

if you don’t. because, you see,

i am like the starfish. & my 

limbs will grow back once

again. fresh & new. so let me

congratulate you. say thank you.

pat yourself on the fucking back

because you taught me my self worth. 

you may have absconded with 

fragments of me, but i was 

reborn with new regenerative abilities.

yes, this is me. i am the starfish. 

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