I own my days
Weekdays? I got this. I succeed.
But it's on Saturday and Sunday that I feed
My soul.

I do what makes me happy.
I live my life the right way, but my way
When I do chores, it's still play
Happiness without delay.

I'm always told what to do
I think. I take it in. I listen.
Backwards? No, because I'm happy

I dance to Iggy and sing to 1D
I jump around and make fun of life...

I love mom's brocolli and wedding cakes
I run around like crazy, standing still.
Life's beautiful on Sunday mornings
God made no mistakes.
I wear hipster glasses and put purple in my hair
I love my weekends and dance like I do in public.





I hope you enjoy this poem about how I live my life! I try to be as happy as possible and sometimes I express myself when I'm alone, or think no one is watching. Right now, I'm in a wheelchair, so I write a lot and listen to music (which is poetry) when I can. xxTiana

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