I am the quiet fall day

the leaves on the trees

 falling silently in the breeze.


I am the shy smile 

spreading over my face 

when someone speaks to me.


I am the laughter,

the strong kind,

that makes people's bellies ache.


I am the books that line my walls,

and my brain,

and soul. 

Their words influencing my very



I am the music

the music that roars through the speakers

when I am sad. 


And I am stardust.


I am the leaves,

the smiles,

the laughter,

the bellyaches,

and I am the music.

But most of all,

out of all these things,

I am the stardust that shines on its own.




Nice. I like how you compared yourself to the things that you loved, and making those things apart of you because the things that we love..... are the things that we are made of and what we stand for.


Nice!  Such a lovely poem!  I like especially that last line, "I am the stardust that shines on its own" - great symbolism.

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