To That Star

To the star in the sky

That I sent my latest wish

Did you hear it?

Did you get it?

I am waiting here in anguish

I cannot tell by your casual twinkling

If you even at all heard an inkling

Of my heart’s desire that you alone know

For I could never share my wish

With people here below

The sky is so dark when the moon is new

And the streetlights cloud the gleam of stars

But I watch

And I squint

To see you –

My star,

And yes, I blink, and look!

There you are

I wish you would shine a little brighter at night

For I wait the whole day for such a welcoming sight

To divulge my longings

From my mind to the sky

And then wait

And then wait

Oh, but why

Why do I even try?


What’s a star got to do

With my life’s ambitions?

What’s the sky got to do

With the hopes in my heart?

The blue-black above is so very obscure

And what good can come from something so dark?

Now I’d rather the sun to light my way

I can get more done in the brightness of day

I don’t need that star

To grant me my dreams

Nor do I need a twinkle

To unravel my seams

And steal my wishes from where they belong

I must hold onto my wishes in order to be strong


But do tell me, please, star,

Did you in fact listen?

Is hearing my wish

What made you glisten?

To sprinkle the night that would otherwise drown

In the gloom of a very diurnal town?

Is sharing my wish what makes it matter,

What moves it from a ditch up onto a platter,

Where it can now shine out of the shadows that plague

My mind when I think my dreams too vague?

You’ve helped me realize I have hopes to be sought!

I don’t need the sun, I’m sorry I forgot

Your starlight glimmers only for me

As my wishes are sent just for you

Thank you, now, for helping me see

These wishes are what I must pursue

And with my star by my side

I can work for my wish

Though tell me star,


Did you hear any of this?


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