Standing for defining

If we're defined by things we stand for,

then I stand for still standing trees

and the occasional offensive comment when the atmosphere 

has drooped stale between you and I or any stranger for that matter. 

And you know what else?

I stand for hammocks,


technically I sit,

but more so I stand for appreciating standing

because legs aren't things the whole world has

and neither are hammocks or trees or hikes

because hikes are things I really stand for.

Especially when standing at the edge 

of a chunk of archaic earth overlooking the masterpiece  

and it's you and the still standing trees and your legs and the sky.

I stand for people who stand for things,

people with passion that make your heart beat like cliffs falling.

I stand for big fat monsterous fear conquering dilemmas 

when your mouth is a metaphorical desert and your internal slogan generator is screaming


and so you just do it. [insert  Nike sign]

I stand for the ones that stand on four legs

because two legs aren't better than four.

I stand for a lot of things

however, snooping through friends cupboards out of pure curiosity is something

I don't stand for

It's just something I do. 


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