Stand Tall

Sun, 05/25/2014 - 23:54 -- 0022155

Small and quiet, timid, afraid

I need out of this labrynthine maze!

Of things I must do and things I must not.

Why can't I find my way to the top?

That beautiful place, held dear in my mind.

Where no one can blame me, or hurt me inside?

Held in the corner by my own self doubt.

Oh, how I long, day in and day out,

To feel understood, and to be respected, 

All of my life I'm ignored and rejected.

I need to stand up and to give my opinion!

But why, when I'm laughed at, and treated like a minion...

No! I won't stay in my corner anymore

I'll stand up,be strong, show courage, and roar!

But how? When so frightened by confrontation?

I need help, some validation.

I know it, I see it, I'll stand tall and smile.

And make them believe I'm more than worthwhile.

That's right, I'll show them, I'll make them know

That I am stronger than I ever showed.

So I call on you to also stand up,

To say what you think, and never give up!


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